Here are some likely questions you may have throughout the Performance Partnership process. Please feel free to contact Human Resources with any additional questions via e-mail at performance@syr.edu or by calling the Service Center at x4042.

1. Preparing for the meeting

The meeting will center on the Performance Partnership form which your supervisor should have spent time completing before you meet. You should bring a copy of the self-assessment form you completed and submitted to your supervisor prior to the meeting, together with any documentation that relates to goals or your performance for both the year past and the year to come.

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Meeting times will vary from staff member to staff member depending on the nature of the review and how frequently you are/were in communication prior to the formal review. Supervisors are advised to allow a minimum of one hour for a review meeting that allows for meaningful discussion.

The formal review meeting should be exclusively between the supervisor and the staff member. However, input from other leaders, especially on key projects/goals, should be incorporated into your self-assessment and Performance Partnership form.

Yes. Your supervisor may ask for it in the future, and the process of documenting your accomplishments and reflecting upon development for future career growth will support your professional development.

2. During the meeting

The formal meeting with your supervisor is the right and best place for open discussion about any discrepancies you see between your performance and the documentation. The Performance Partnership form should be jointly finalized as a result of the meeting. Should your point of view still differ from your supervisor’s after the meeting, you may note that in the summary comments on the Performance Partnership form.

The Performance Partnership form is an important formal document that allows for the supervisor and staff member to be on the same page for personal performance expectations in the coming year. Your signature indicates that you have read it and participated in the discussions, but does not necessarily imply your agreement, so signing is acceptable.

Staff members are encouraged to begin their role in the Performance Partnership discussion by thoughtfully completing a self-assessment. They then are instructed to submit the self-assessment prior to the performance feedback meeting with their supervisor in order to facilitate an interactive performance partnership discussion. This form DOES NOT take the place of the Performance Partnership form.

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3. After the meeting

Goals developed in the Performance Partnership process should be SMART goals – which means they include specific details that can guide deadline and work prioritization. If you need to refine your goals to make them SMART, do so quickly and with your supervisor’s approval. The Performance Partnership meeting should not be the only discussion you have about goals and performance. Open and ongoing conversation with your supervisor, using the form as a guide can help you prioritize and stay on track with the goals you set.

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