The natural and evolving conversations that result from an engaged commitment to performance management leads to areas that may require further conversations. Here are some questions you may have over the course of the Performance Partnership process. Please feel free to contact us with additional questions at performance@syr.edu or x4042.

1. Supervisor: preparing for the meeting

The meeting will center on the Performance Partnership form which you should spend time completing before you meet with the staff member.

Additional resources:

Meeting times will vary from staff member to staff member, depending on the nature of the review and how frequently you are/were in communication prior to the formal review. Supervisors should allow a minimum of one hour for a review meeting that allows for meaningful discussion.

The formal review meeting should be exclusively between the supervisor and the staff member. However, input from other leaders, especially on key projects/goals, should be incorporated into the form and meeting by the staff member’s supervisor.

Keep in mind performance review time can be as stressful for the staff member as it is for the manager. Selecting a location that is neutral and casual can ease any apprehension either party may have.

2. Supervisor: During the meeting

HR has compiled several resources for you to review in preparation for meetings that may be more difficult than others.

Additional resources:

Share with the staff member that their signature indicates they have read it and participated in the discussions, but does not necessarily imply agreement so signing is acceptable.

In some emotionally-charged conversations, it is beneficial to stop the meeting if it is no longer productive or if communication breaks down and resume at a later date.

These forms are designed for one supervisor signature. Please have the primary supervisor sign and notations can be made in the supervisor comments section, if appropriate.

3. Supervisor: training

Supervisory training sessions will be offered in coordination with the Senior Human Resource Business Partner and the appropriate senior leader for each school, college and administrative unit.