Key events and important dates

Syracuse University is committed to ensuring we have a high performance, professional culture. An essential component of any high performing institution is continuous communication and feedback between supervisors and staff regarding performance expectations. This ensures alignment between individual, departmental and University goals and provides opportunities for staff to develop themselves professionally.

Participation in the annual Performance Partnership process is a critical step in ensuring the University sustains this culture. Below are key events and important dates to help assist you throughout the process.

To achieve the most meaningful and effective Performance Partnership process, it is important to follow University processes and deadlines. All Performance Partnership Forms for staff are must be completed and submitted to the Office of Human Resources by June 1, 2018. Once received by HR, the reviews are retained as part of the documentation that contributes to a staff member’s work history at Syracuse University.

Graphic: 2017 Performance Partnership Steps to Success
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2017 Process & Timeline (March – June 2017)



Responsible Party

March 2017 Schedule a Performance Partnership meeting Staff member and supervisor
Self-assessment form completed Staff member
March 2017 Supervisor training Supervisor
March & April 2017 Performance Partnership form drafted for meeting Supervisor
March & April 2017 Performance Partnership meeting conducted Staff member and supervisor
April 2017 Performance Partnership form finalized Staff member and supervisor
Devise budget for the next fiscal year that takes into consideration the performance partnership Budget directors and managers work with University leaders and supervisors
By May 1, 2017 Performance Partnership form submitted to HR with all signatures Supervisor
May 2, 2017 Budgets due electronically to Budget and Planning Budget directors and managers
May 2017 Review of submitted budgets Board of Trustees and senior University leadership
Mid-June 2017 Budget loaded into HR System Budget and Planning